Train of thought…

I haven’t caught the train for a while.

Today I put my head phones in and listened to some beautiful music by Zbigniew Preisner (Google him) and watched the world whoosh past.

I saw people outside lifting heavy equipment
in the name of Saturday morning exercise.

I sat opposite a lady eating a banana in slow motion with her mouth open.

Next to me was a lady with a bible open checking her Facebook on a very large tablet device.

I saw people inside their homes sitting and eating looking back at me.

We didn’t stop at East Richmond. We never do.

My boys dropped me off at the station waving and blowing me kisses.

I chose not to sit in the same carriage as the lady with the huge shrub like bunch of sticks. She looked funky and feisty but wasn’t sure it was safe without safety glasses.

I have been raised by a train spotter to know that the Metro trains aren’t anything special to look out but it was so lovely to sit and watch the world doing it’s thing.

Solitude is such a rare and special thing in my day and to achieve a state of peacefulness on the 9:05 to Flinders St train was a joy.


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