The sorry…

I’ve been dwelling on the negatives a bit this week.

It was the last week of the school term. My boys are tired and my husband has been away. Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve also had a bit of foot in mouth disease. Which I’ve had to self diagnose because my super lovely (and by lovely I mean damn sexy) GP has left the local doctors practice and disappeared somewhere.

Anyway back to me and putting my foot in it.

Things that sound funny in my head seem to be coming out wrong!

Things that should make people laugh sound hurtful. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be a hormonally challenged psycho cow but I’ve been a little bit like that.

I guess that the alternative is to not speak at all. But if I do that for a while now then I might forget how to communicate again later.

So a blanket apology is being issued.

I’m sorry that things are coming out wrong. I’m sorry if I’m being mean. It’s not my intention.

I’ve worrying about this a lot and then the other day I read something on Instagram that inspired me to stop.

“Be a warrior not a worrier”.

I could do that. Maybe not the warrior bit because my arms a little bit too flabby to get about in full gladiator gear in public and it’s winter and I’d catch a chill.

But a little more don’t worry, be happy and speaking with kindness is the goal.



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