Friend sitting…

I am truly blessed to have a few wonderful friends that I can just sit with.

Someone that I can sit next to on a couch and just be with. No talking required. Actually the less talking the better.

A friend who you can just be yourself with. Quiet if you’re sad or happy.

A friend to hug and hold onto with a fierceness that only they understand.

A friend to sit next to on a bench seat overlooking the ocean.

A friend to sit next to on the concrete in front of a long since decommissioned tram.

A friend who knows all that you need to say without saying it.

Someone you don’t need to pretend with. Who doesn’t take “fine thanks” as your final answer even if you’re pretending that you are.

A friend to lean against and support you.

I have a few of these friends and they’re precious and worth fighting for. No matter how much I annoy them.

There’s a peaceful and timeless luxury that comes from not being rushed when you need someone else’s time.

So come and sit with me and say all the things that you don’t know how to say without speaking.

Because I’m always here. x


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