Ready or not…

Some people were born ready.

Some just learn from their mistakes and fix them next tile around.

Last year when my husband started traveling a lot I fell apart. I wasn’t prepared. I was very lucky that I had some very special friends who kept me going and buoyed me up.

This year I’ll still need them but I’m also more organised.

The school lunch is packed the day before.

The food shopping is all done for the week.

I’ve started writing my Pre-School reports weeks earlier.

I am extremely tempted and cannot in all good conscience rule out dressing the kids and myself in the next days clothes at bed time just to cut out the getting dressed bit in the morning.

Likewise if I could eat a hearty breakfast before bed and still feel full half way through the morning I would.

My meals are planned for the week.

My clothes are picked out in my mind and ready to go.

My children on the other hand are somewhat more spontaneous.

They change their breakfast choices regularly.

The school snacks I buy especially in bulk are no longer acceptable.

They spill stuff on their clean clothes. Sometimes even before they put them on.

They change their mind on their “show and tell” item minutes before we leave the house.

They pretend they are asleep at bed time and then take stalling to a whole new level just after I’ve made my hot drink.

I am trying so hard to be organised. I’m even contemplating colour coded charts. Not of anything in particular but just to feel good.

But mostly I am being honest. I’ve told them that Dad will be away a lot and we will have to get up very early some mornings and that I will need their help.

I’ve also told them that they need to be nice to me. That I’m important too. I’m not their slave and when I say something I will mean it.

Good manners will be rewarded and bad manners will not be given multiple chances. They are not allowed to hit me, kick me or call me names no matter how tired they are.

I am aiming to be consistent with them and organised.

And that is why the nearly 5 year old will NOT be having any treats tomorrow. He’s not going to like that but I’m not backing down.

I’m the adult and I’m special too. I’m also organised enough to have several different types of chocolate available for when they are finally in bed.

Parenting. The gift that sometimes just keeps on taking.


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