12 hours…

So today started with my alarm going off at 5:50 am and me DESPERATE to return to the best “sexy” dream I’ve even had.

Fast forward 12 hours to me putting 2 kids in the car and going out to get stuff to treat head lice.

Seriously people. 12 hours is all it takes sometimes.

I snoozed twice this morning. And it was worth it. I blushed all morning thinking about it. Which was wonderful.

I took my 2 tablets with my 2 espressos and got ready for work.

My kids listened and were awesome this morning. Had them both dropped off by 7:10.

Had a super cruisy day at work despite the builders nearly crashing down the toilet wall while I was in situ. (I’m not totally sure what in situ means but much like the term du jour I’m embracing it.)

I accidentally bought quick oats instead of rolled oats but it was okay. My porridge was totally edible.

I washed the paint brushes at 10:30 which is one of my favourite jobs at work because I love getting my hands covered in rainbow colours and watching them flow down the drain still mixing and changing.

I didn’t have lunch but that was okay. My boss came in and gave me a big hug and kiss because you know, she loves me.

I answered many emails, rang places, swiveled in the big office chair a bit and did some laminating.

Then I went to my sons school for his parent/teacher interview and that was all good too.

I had 20 minutes to kill so I volunteered to read a story to one of the prep classes so the teacher could finish up some other things she was working on.

We picked up son number 2.

I made pancakes. They didn’t stick to the pan and the first one was probably the best.

I made an early dinner for my gorgeous boys and was preparing my pumpkin and chickpea soup when I noticed the head scratching.

The head lice was annoying but we got to sit and talk while I shampooed his hair and that was nice.

And that’s 12 hours of my life for you right there. A truly splendid start to the day and an unexpected finish to it.

Hope your hours are interesting too.


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