Nothing to see here…

I was walking around the city this morning. A rare treat during the week.

I looked at expensive handbags, touched beautifully tailored pants and went to an extremely pretentious (aka wankish) coffee shop where there are chairs on the roof.

I also walked past the largest department store which is famed for it’s Christmas windows.

But it’s too soon for that just yet. Today in front of the windows a homeless man was sleeping.

It was 10:30 in the morning and lots of tourists were looking at him but also not knowing where to look.

I initially was happy that he hadn’t been moved on by security. That he wasn’t viewed as a blight on the landscape and something to be ashamed of. He was allowed to sleep in peace, sort of.

But then a street sweeper cleaner thingy came up behind him and went around him.

Again I was glad that he wasn’t prodded and told to get out of the way.

But I also thought that in some ways just cleaning around him and pretending he was some other fixed or inanimate object was worse.

I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s good that we don’t try to hide the problem of homelessness of if we are just hiding it in plain view.

He was someone that we all saw but he was also invisible.

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