Not about that bass…

So here’s the thing. Right now I am not all about that bass.

Right now I’m all about not bailing on the things that I’m invited to do and not actively stressing and dreading all the things that I have to do.

(Sometimes I attempt to be all about the bass but usually it’s when I’m listening to a song really loud in the car and then another song comes on and ruins the moment. Yes I’m talking to you Celine Dion.)

My brain is getting to that busy/full stage where if it was a computer it would say that I had reached my download limit or that there wasn’t enough space left in my brain drive to save that thought right now.

I’m not all about that bass but I am all about that chocolate right now. I am finding solace in it’s smooth creamy texture momentarily and then I’m feeling ill for a bit.

I am also all about wishing that all my friends would send me some messages with nice thoughts. I could really do with some kindness.

I am definitely about getting through each day one day at a time. I’m not looking too far ahead. My to do list only includes things for today.

Tomorrow is in the too hard and can’t be bothered worrying about that right now basket.

But in closing I’m all about being okay and saying hi and hoping that you remember that I’m here even when I’m quiet and that you know that I love ya even when you’re quiet.



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