The earth is flat…

I am picturing lots of flat things. Like pancakes, soft tacos and tents that haven’t got the poles in them yet.

An uninflated inflatable mattress.

The grass after you move the trampoline off it.

A lake with no wind. (Or boats or ducks or things that make it have waves.)

A TV screen post the flat screen revolution.

My breasts before puberty.

My mood right now.

I’m having some wonderful days. I saw Les Miserables (insert appropriate accent) and it was wonderful.

I bought a coffee and a board game from an Op Shop with one of my favourite humans while our boys used nunchucks and broke boards at a Karate demonstration.

I got caught in the rain with my 7 year old on the way home from school and we laughed.

But I’m just a bit flat at the moment.

Lots of lovely things are happening and I’m enjoying them but I’ve got a busy month coming up and I can’t keep up with my to do list.

There’s nothing at all wrong with me I’m just a bit flat.

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing.

Maybe it’s just a ridiculously busy time of year work wise and my husband is traveling.

Or maybe I just need more coffee.


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