Duck Season…

So you know the metaphor or analogy or parable or whatever the correct word is about the duck gliding above the water while it’s little legs are unseen below the murky waters kicking furiously?

You do? Good. Then there is a slight chance then that this post will make sense to you.

We have a pool at our house. We also have a pair of ducks that visit occasionally in Winter for a swim.

And the beauty of this is that because the water is clear I get to see their little webbed feet doing a fast dance under the surface.

There is the accelerating, turning and stopping by moving backwards in a way that if I tried would be a disaster.

But here I am now. Cruising through life like a duck. Obviously I’m no expert in ducks or duckisms.

But I am trying so damn hard to float serenely on top of the surface while underneath it’s like I am paddling in the wrong direction at warp speed with a cramp, a possible ACL injury and a smile plastered on my duckface.

Everywhere I look at the moment there is something else to do.

Forms for school, funding applications for work, husbands travel details, meals to prepare, washing to sort, dishes to put away, quality time to spend with the children, time for self, guilt to deal with about needing time for self etc.

It was about this time last year that I fell head first into the deep dark hole.

I’m carefully side stepping that hole at the moment but it’s there. It’s in my peripheral vision reminding me that it can all go to crap again very quickly.

So in the words of the lovely Dory I’m going to “Just keep swimming”.


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