I think I’m turning Japanese…

So hello or should I say Konnichiwa from Japan!

I am on holidays with my family and I’m having a pretty good time.

It’s strange though how the highlights of the trip are the wrong turns or the impromptu veerings off the beaten track.

I was walking with my two young boys at night when we stumbled upon a small fair in a park. The boys went on two rides and couldn’t stop smiling.

I had a coffee at Starbucks and a random man told me that I have a lovely smile. I told him that I was exhausted and he said that exhausted suited me. And I nearly burst into tears at his kindness.

We went looking for a cafe and ended up in a market selling second hand kimonos.

I ate pineapple off a stick.

I saw pandas.

Young children practiced their English on me in a palace dating back hundreds of years.

I bought spotty shoes.

The people here are amazing and beautiful and kind and smile and politely excuse the cheekiness of my children.

The holiday is nearly over. But there is probably just enough time for another unexpected adventure or two.

Sayonara for now. x


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