High vis…

So G’day. I’m back from my little holiday now.

Japan was a wonderful place to visit.

Heated toilet seats that play classical music while you pee, coffee in a can available from vending machines on every street and strange signs at the subway stations that I still don’t understand.

Something about a squirrels nuts hitting a fellow passenger.

But I think that thing that I enjoyed the most was being a tourist.

Being seen.

Back home I blend in. I look the same as others. I wear the same clothes and know my way around.

In Japan though I didn’t see any other 5 foot 10 pale skin ladies with DD boobs walking around.

I stood out. I was noticed. I was smiled at and even winked at once or twice.

As an obvious tourist I could get away with asking people if I could take photos of their kids.

I could stop suddenly in the middle of a peak hour train station and the polite Japanese people would just walk around me.

When I tried to speak Japanese people would laugh as though I was hilarious.

It was a lovely feeling to have people go out of their way to be nice to you and accommodate you.

It was wonderful to be smiled at so often.

But now I’m back home and part of the crowd again.

So I probably need to stop bowing to the shop assistants when I enter stores.





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