Thank me…

Today was a strange day.

I mean most days are strange but today I was given the task of writing thank you cards to my colleagues on behalf of the committee at work.

Then I had to write one to myself.

That was weird.

I started by complimenting myself on my new haircut.

Then I praised myself for my loyal service and promptness.

I then signed it and sealed the envelope which will be given to me with flowers and chocolates at the upcoming AGM.

(We do it so that the parents for next year think that we are appreciated by the parents from this year.)

(But really we’re not.)

But anyways I kind of got to thinking after writing myself the thank you card what else I should thank myself for.

My body would probably like to thank me for not being a smoker and for losing lots of weight a few years ago.

My mind would like to thank me for learning to ask for help when I need it now rather than stressing so much.

My ears would like to thank me for not listening to death metal at a high volume. Or Justin Bieber at any volume.

My body also would like to thank me for maintaining optimal levels of caffeination. At least I assume that’s what it means when I get headaches without regular coffee inputs.

I would also like to thank me for choosing wonderful friends who reach out to me when I go quiet on them.

So in conclusion I am thankful… for me.


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