Rolling along…

So here’s a strange confession…

There is a local guy that I’ve seen around a few times and I really don’t like him.

The fact that he is in a wheel chair though makes me feel a little bit guilty about not liking him but this guy is so rude that it is hard not to dislike him regardless of his disability.

And the strange thing is the fact that he is so unlikable actually makes me like him.

He has attitude.

I’ve heard him be awfully rude to people unsure of reversing wheel chair etiquette at the doctors.

I’ve seen him run into people deliberately on the street.

And now whenever I see him in his wheel chair with his orange flag dutifully alerting to people of his presence I smile.

This guys “stop feeling sorry for me and get out of the effing way” attitude is pure class.

His determination not to be treated differently means that I shouldn’t even mention it.

But you get the feeling that disability or not he would still have been a cranky bastard.


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