If looks could thrill…

Hello all,

I have another confession to make.

Tonight I used my extremely powerful sexy eyes for evil.

I was at my work Christmas party at an extremely loud restaurant where my colleagues and I had just enjoyed a yummy dinner.

I had the duck risotto. In case you were wondering.

Anyway we decided we wanted to order dessert so I said to the lady sitting next to me “watch as I use my
sexy eyes to attract the waiters attention”.

I then turned them up to 11.

Poor guy. Didn’t know what had hit him. He immediately came over, prompting much laughter and brought us the dessert menus.

Then he called me darling and by the time he was running across the room to hold the door open just for me and embraced me with a kiss my colleagues were in hysterics.

I must emphasise that this was a group of 7 ladies most of whom don’t get out much.

This poor strapping young man didn’t stand a chance against my sexy eyes.

Unfortunately though a little bit of sexy eye must have ricocheted off the waiter and got the bald guy with sunglasses on his head behind him because he wouldn’t stop staring and smiling at me either.

So either my blue paper hat from the Christmas bonbon makes me irresistible to men or I need to remember to tone down the sexy eyes in public.

But hey it’s nice to be noticed and fun to be fancied for a change.



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