Put me in a box…

*Terrible analogy alert*

If you were a cardboard box what would it say?

(Feel free to abandon me after that very weak start.)

This side up?



Handle with care?

Pots and pans?

I think mine might say all of those things.

I am fragile.

I’m often on the verge of breaking. If I were to continue this box analogy then I would say that I’ve been wrapping myself up tightly with too much tape.

Trying to hold lots of stuff in.

This way up. Which way up? How do I get back up again?

Heavy! Heavy heart sometimes. Other times just a general heaviness that leaves me exhausted.

Handle with care. Hell yeah. That would be very wise advice. It probably has a double meaning too.

Handle me cautiously. Be kind. Take care of me.

Also be careful for your own safety because I’m sometimes unstable. Not as solid as I should be. Sometimes wobbly.

If I was a box though right now I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

I’m stuck in a corner being ignored waiting for a more convenient time to unpack.

Or maybe I am lost somewhere having been delivered to the wrong place in error.

Or am I circling around a conveyor belt at an airport with my contents spilling out for all to see making it difficult to gather me up.

Or maybe I was mistakenly put in the Pots and Pans box as an after thought.

Lost right where I’m supposed to be.



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