No longer at this address…

So did I tell you about that time last year when I was in a mental hospital and one of the nurses was the lady that we had bought our house from a year earlier.

Oh we had a lovely chat at the meds counter about how we’d done up the bathroom and put in a second toilet.

She asked where and I told her and she agreed that it was a brilliant idea.

She asked about the neighbours and the street and stuff and then she went back to work and I went back to being crazy.

I saw her again today crossing the street and I wanted to call out “Hey! Look at me. I’m still a bit crazy but I’m sort of okay too”.

But obviously I didn’t because, you know, I didn’t want to look weird.

It’s funny though because just thinking about it now I realise how often I smother how I really am and how I really feel so that I can discuss the mundane with the normal people.

I mean there I was asking for meds and pretending that I didn’t need to be there.

I spent my whole week in there pretending to be normal so they let me out early.

They probably shouldn’t have.

I’m not sure that I was ready.

I get confused so easily. I confuse myself. I question how I feel until I need sleep to stop the questions.

Today has been good. Yesterday was okay but the day before that hurt my head.

So anyway it’s funny how seeing one person can drag up memories and questions.

When all I really should have told her was that she still gets mail delivered here even though we’ve told them of her new address.

Sometimes our mail takes longer to move on than we do.


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