Highway number one…

We are back from our week away.

The drive wasn’t so bad. Apart from the part when I was in a bad mood for most of it and my bum went numb while I was driving.

My mind may have wondered over the 11 hour journey as to how many other people were nagging their partners in their cars.

Driving too fast, driving too slow, over taking too late, ducking back in front of the car you’ve overtaken too soon and the P platers that are only allowed to do 90.

There was also the moment when my husband told me to turn right out of the service station and I assumed that he meant left but he did actually mean right so I performed a slightly erratic U turn to prove a point.

Not sure what the point was. But I proved it.

I saw big windmills, beautiful countryside and native road kill.

I listened to a classic countdown that included Elton John and The Bangles.

I freaked out slightly because the mini chocolate Christmas puddings were melting so I quickly ate them.

I only needed to go to the toilet twice and was unsympathetic to the needs of others.

When we got home I slept for 14 hours.

I’m not sure that I travel well with others.

Tomorrow has been declared a family pajama day.

There will be no travel.

There will probably still be some nagging though.

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