Throwback Monday…

When I was in Primary School we had a mime concert to raise money for something or other.

Possibly more basketballs for the gym. You know how these things go.

So the mime concert. It wasn’t like that whole mime pretending to be in a box thing.

It was miming along to a song.

On the day of the mime concert there were plenty of girls in ra ra skirts and crimped hair miming to Kylie and Madonna.

There were a couple of boys with mullets miming along to whatever boys mimed along to.

And then there was me with my cardboard cut out guitar miming along to Billy Joel’s version of Back in the USSR.

I think this might have been a turning point in my life.

My first public display of oddness.

My first taste of an audience looking at me and thinking WTFruitcake is up with this girl?

My performance was flawless but these kids couldn’t relate to my art.

(The ridiculously long guitar solo in the middle may not have helped my cause.)

That might have been how it started.

But this is who I am. xx


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