Room with a view…

I’ve been a bit sick lately.

Sleeping a lot.

The kids have been home on holidays so I set them up with snacks, entertainment, water bottles etc and go back to bed.

I hear their footsteps on the floorboards as they come to ask me a question/dob on each other/ask for something else that they know I’m going to say no to.

The other day when my eldest son knocked on the door I told him to come in to my office.

“Mum. It’s a bedroom, not an office”.

Yes. He’s right. But I’ve spent so much time in bed lately that it feels like it’s my occupation.

(And no. Not in a dominatrix or sex worker kind of way. Far too tired for that kind of work. Although I woke up with a pulled muscle in my butt today.)

I change the sheets regularly to keep the room fresh. To change the view.

I burn candles, read books and watch the tennis.

(As a side note if you are going to get sick and need rest always plan to do so during a major sporting event.)

I’m spending less time in my office this week. I even went to my real job and spent time in the office there.

But the best part of spending time in bed has been watching the trees move outside my window and hearing the birds serenade each other.

Seeing the colours of the huge gum tree change as the sun goes up and down.

Watching the world from the same spot all day helps you see how different every day is.

No I’m not on any medication that is causing me to be all sappy and reflective. (Just panadeine and nurofen.)

Back in the real world the pace is quick and I sometimes miss the little things like seeing the wind moving the leaves.

But I’m glad to be up and at em again.

And for those of you are wondering shingles is definitely not the new black.

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