Love makes the world go round…

Hello world!

You may or may not have noticed that the sun rose today and the world has continued spinning on its axis.

That’s right. My mum got married and the world didn’t end.

The wedding was so lovely and relaxed and it was almost impossible to get a photo of my mum not laughing.

She was joy personified.

And I was so happy for her.

She moves away on Wednesday and that will be okay too.

Because it has to be.

She’s making big brave choices like she always has. She’s so independent and vivacious.

I’m having a little cry as I write this because I hate the idea of her being so far away.

I hate that she doesn’t need me anymore but I’m also glad.

My 5 year old son just asked me to give him a cuddle in bed. He asked if I could stay there all night. And he told me he loved me.

And that’s how I know that things will be okay with me and my mum. xx


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