Today is my Grandpas birthday.

He passed away four and a half years ago.

And I still miss him. A lot.

He was the kind of man that they don’t seem to make anymore. Or maybe they do, but they still wouldn’t compare to him.

He was an accountant but also built his family home.

He went to Papua New Guinea in World War 2 and to the footy with me and my mum.

He bought an Atari so that my brother and I could play Space Invaders whenever we went to visit him. We got a bite size Violet Crumble if we got to 200 points.

He had the movie Annie on tape for me so that I could watch it EVERY SINGLE TIME we went there. (I can recite the whole movie from memory, including the ads.)

He made my brother and I breakfast in bed whenever we stayed over. Weetbix on a tray with a jug of milk and as much sugar as we liked.

His beloved wife passed away in 1988 and until the day he died (some 20+ years later) he had fresh flowers from her garden on the kitchen table next to photos of her.

He looked after my Gran through her kidney disease and dialysis and brought her home to die in comfort.

He was a strong man who walked straight and always wore a shirt and pressed pants.

He had a wicked sense of humour and showed no mercy towards his grandchildren when playing cards.

I have photos of him with my eldest son at the nursing home but for some stupid reason I decided he was too sick to be in photos with my youngest son.

In the last 10 years of his life the Alzheimer’s sapped him of his spark and charm until there wasn’t much of him left inside.

He would always sign birthday cards and Christmas cards “love P.O.G.P”.

It stood for Poor Old GrandPa.

But he was an amazing man and I miss him a lot.


5 thoughts on “P.O.G.P…

  1. Awww that was lovely. Missing mine too… something so special about grandpas (Papa for me). I remember we’d sit at the table when we were growing up to have family lunches and when someone was giving thanks for the food, I would always have my eyes open and I would look over to my Papa and his eyes would be open too looking around at his whole family and we would catch each other, he’d wink and smile at me and scrunch his face up trying to make me laugh and get in trouble during grace. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing a sweet memory back for me.

  2. Sending you a big hug on this day (and all other days) when you miss your Grand Pa. I’m sure you were as special to him as he was to you. xxx

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