Birthday gratitude…

I try to avoid swear words but I’ve had a few shitty days at work.

And I mean that literally.

Picture me screaming out to a child to stop and stand still as they’ve just stepped in their own poo and they’re now walking it across the bathroom.

Or another child who came to me smelly and crying only for me to discover all the poo outside the toilet again on the ground.

(I can only assume that they have soiled their pants and then it falls out when they pull their pants down to sit down. But you don’t need to think about these things too much.)

Then there was the little girl who vomited on my shoe and only yesterday the boy who bit me on the hand and kept biting while I yelled at him to stop. All the while wondering at what stage I was allowed to physically stop him.

But in the words of Annie “yesterday was damn awful but that was then not now”.

Today is my birthday and I was expecting very little.

I knew it would be a quiet, low key kind of day which in the past would have broken my birthday loving heart.

My husband was away and my children needed to be at school at 7 so that I could get to work on time.

But then my brother came to visit last night and brought me flowers and took the kids to school.

When I got to work a possum had fallen through the ceiling and left small presents for me throughout the room to clean up.

The possum man came half an hour after the class started and the kids and I hid in the kitchen while the man with stick thin legs carried the possum out by its tail.

I laughed all day.

I unexpectedly received funding for a beautiful child in my class with additional needs and I received 4 boxes of chocolates, 2 bunches of flowers and a large set of Jessica Simpson perfume.

Such unexpected kindness puts the shitty days into perspective.

I know that I am blessed to be loved by so many people.

I though today wasn’t going to be anything special but it was because of a cheeky possum and people who took time out of their day to wish me well.

Happy Birthday to me. xoxo


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