You’re welcome…

    You know that saying “compliment me twice and I’ll blog thrice”? No? 

    Well anyway the last few days I’ve had some kind feedback regarding this blog from a lovely friend of mine so now I’ll write some more. *Inserts evil laugh.*
    In Australia we have a couple of cool sayings. Some of the most popular these days are “stop the boats” and “if you don’t like it, leave”. 
    They’re kind of fun, friendly ways to make sure that refugees know they aren’t welcome here. 
    The best thing about these sayings is that they are mainly used by people who have never met a refugee. 
    I work in a low socio-economic area teaching preschool to children from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Sudan among other places.
    Only 2 kids and I have English as their first language.
    Most of the mums wear a hijab. 
    A couple of the dads also wear the traditional Muslim dress on the days they are going to the mosque.
    One of the biggest criticisms I hear about refugees is that they don’t try hard enough to assimilate into our society.
    But today I had the most beautiful example of a family new to Australia making the effort to accommodate me.
    The smallest boy in my class walked in this morning with a belated birthday present for me.
    It was wrapped in Christmas paper and imagine my surprise when I opened it and found a large Easter egg.
    Best. Present. Ever.
    If you’ve never received an Easter egg wrapped in Christmas paper from a Muslim child for your birthday then you haven’t experienced multiculturalism at its best.
    Most of the people in the community where I work are wonderful, have beautiful hearts and give generously when they have very little to give. 
    I think Australia could do with a few more of these people. 

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