Working with children…

Have you ever woken up and within 20 minutes of being up decided that today is not going to be a good day.

This morning I went to put on a singlet under my white top and it was ripped. I couldn’t find another one even though I own at least 6.

I respect the Muslim community I work with too much to just go bra under a tight white top so I had to find another top.

I wore pants without pockets and felt cranky as soon as I zipped them up.

I wore my new spotty headband which was probably the cause of the headache that was pounding at 10:30.

Although it may have had more to do with the 21 small children screaming demands at me in ridiculously high pitched voices.

Or the way they call me “teacher” instead of my name.

Or the boy throwing the plastic fruit in the home corner.

Or the girl who tipped over the water container at the painting activity.

Or the boy who last week was biting me who this week keeps kissing me and telling me that he loves me.

Or my assistant who got stuck in traffic close to work and chose to turn around and drive home and get her husband to drive her to work 2 hours late.

Breathe. Slowly. Put your hands on your tummy and feel it go up and down as you breathe…

And then when there are enough staff present go hide in the office and read the 43 policy documents.

I now know that when I cough I need to cough into my elbow.

If I am changing a nappy I shouldn’t do it in a food preparation area.

And that in the absence of anyone else volunteering I am now the First Aid officer and the fire warden.

I also know that I love working with children MOST days.

But that when you are having one of those bad days where everything they do annoys you its best to leave straight after class, go home, have a coffee, a bagel and an Easter egg and a nap.

*And in other news I have been selected to appear in a short video being distributed to the Afghani community about the importance of attending Pre-School. 😀*


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