The emperors new dressing gown…

Yesterday I bought a beautiful dress spontaneously.

And by spontaneously I mean that I ran in and bought it without trying it on while my kids stood in front of the shop window eating cream buns.

I got home and tried it on and it looked a bit funny.

Then I tried it on with a bra.

Then realised that according to the receipt it was actually a dressing gown.

(I choose to pronounce the p in receipt.)

Having to return a dressing gown and telling the shop assistant that you thought it was a dress is embarrassing.

Thankfully there was a lady in the shop talking about her show dog and how it’s going off to have puppies soon and how much she’ll miss her so much that she’s going to go to Europe.

As you do.

Anyway this lady told me how I’m tall and lovely and slim and for a minute there I wished she loved me as much as she loves her dog or at least wanted to take me to Europe.

I digress.

As usual.

So anyway the moral of the story is try things own.

Don’t shop with small children.

And always ask if your dress is actually a dressing gown.

P.S In real life I bought a dressing gown from China on eBay for $8 and it looks smashing with my Ugg boots.


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