We are all the best…


Welcome one and all to Monday, The first day of my working week.

Put the kettle on, grab something to eat and come and meet me at the swings.

There are 3 boys there and 1 girl.

They appear to be playing quite nicely.

You think you hear something but you look at the kids and assume you must be mistaken.

A minute later the dulcet tones of a 4 year old boy reaches your ears.

“You’re just a f*#!ing girl”.

Now join me as we all see RED together.

My colleague who was closer to the boy pulled him aside and spoke to him.

I pulled the girl aside and asked her if she thought that boys are better than girls.

She said yes.

I told her no.

Girls can do anything that boys do.
They are just as important as boys.

I’m not sure if I was more heart broken as a woman or as a mother to two boys that are growing up with peers where this kind of thinking and sense of entitlement still happens.

Fast forward with me now to the rest of the session where I shriek in a fairly unattractive manner at the children that we are all the same.

We are all special.

We are all the best.

Boys are the best and Girls are the best.

When the boys father picked him up he was horrified when I told him what had happened. He looked shocked and apologised.

And tomorrow I get to put it behind me and continue on my “we are all special regardless of our colour, gender or race” crusade all over again.


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