Kindness and words…

It’s been a long, strange, caffeine free week.

Yesterday at work, a small girl with amazing dark eyes and very little English told me I was beautiful.

Except that I couldn’t really understand her so I asked my colleague what she was saying.

And then felt quite silly and embarrassed. And grateful for her kind words.

In the afternoon I had to stay back late at work as I had been asked to be part of a short video on the importance of Early Childhood Education for the local Afghani community.

It was all very professional with lots of leads and monitors and one of those clapper board thingys.

I did the same scene about 10 times so hopefully one of the angles will be flattering.

I had to walk across the room, greet a father and welcome him to the kinder.

Then I sat down with him and talked about his child.

At the end they just wanted some footage of us talking for 10 minutes.

10 minutes is quite a long time to talk to someone that you don’t know and probably wouldn’t normally get to speak to.

It turns out that when this man is not filming random videos he is studying his Masters in Internet Security. He left Afganistan at 14 because of the Taliban. His ex wife is Australian and he has an 18 year old daughter with her and now after trying for 13 years and many rounds of IVF he has a 2 month old daughter.

It’s amazing what you can find out about someone when you sit down and ask.

Not that many strangers are strange once you sit down and chat with them.

So apart from receiving a $100 voucher for my trouble I also got to know someone and show some genuine interest in them and their life.

So my advice for you today is to tell someone that they’re beautiful and talk to a person from a different culture.

We are all different but we’re all the same.


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