Mother/Daughter bubble…

I made friends with one of the kinder mums today.

(I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that as the teacher but as long as I respect the privacy of everyone else I think it’s okay.)

I have a girl with special needs in my class.

And her mum worries about her all the time.

So I went and visited after class for a coffee.

She asked me how I like my coffee and I said black with no sugar.

So she said that she would try it like that too. She didn’t finish hers.

She brought me the coffee with two mini croissants, some Danish feta and three pickles.

I ate one of the croissants.

We come from different backgrounds.

She worries that people will stare at her daughter when they go to the shops.

I told her that knowing her daughter she should worry that she will stop and say hello to everyone at the shops and it will take hours to leave.

There is so much love between this mother and her special daughter.

This little girl is growing up in a bubble and her mum is in there with her.

They are often isolated together but never alone.

I asked this amazingly gorgeous mum if she has any friends and she said no. So we talked for an hour about kids and husbands and our lives.

I told her that I had taken a photo of her daughter where you can’t tell that she is different from everyone else.

She said that she would love to have a photo of her daughter that didn’t prompt people to ask her what was wrong with her.

It’s a different culture, religion and world than I’m used to but she’s my friend now so I guess I’m about to learn a lot.

Lucky me 🙂


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