Quietly confident…

I have a just had a really lovely weekend.

I did things I’ve never done and went places I’ve never been before.

I did these things without stressing myself out of going… okay there were some concerns about how to get there and where to park and what to wear and what to pack and if I needed a jacket and if my lipstick was too red.

Saturday afternoon I went on a photo walk with strangers and I was happy, chatty, (possibly slightly silly) me.

I was confident in myself in the company of people with far superior skills to me.

I was happy to be me.

Then I surprised my husband with dinner and a show at a comedy venue.

The food was very basic, the comedians were late coming on and not entirely hilarious but we had a nice night out together doing something different.

Sunday morning we woke up late and without a harsh word spoken (have you tried to get two boys dressed lately?) got the family ready and drove to an adventure park.

I resolutely decided not to pack my swimwear as it was too cold to swim but ended up buying some shorts and going down water slides in a white singlet top.

(Yep. You’re welcome.)

I am able to do more and be more right now. I’m not worried about the small things or the big things either.

She’ll be right mate.

It’s all good.

Bring it on.


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