Living on the edge…

Thoughts from today.

A day of two halves and two lists.

Things that push me over the edge…

-Waiting at the doctors for an hour with 2 boys who are oblivious to the noise they are making or the fact that they are in everyone’s way.

-Husbands who travel so much that the one time they are home for bin night they put the wrong bins out… and then still leave for interstate.

-Neighbours with leaf blowers.

-Chocolate cake crumbs on a freshly mopped floor.

-Bringing the washing in naked and looking down to see a large orange spider on my boobs.

-Regretting the promise I made to take the kids roller skating tomorrow.

Things that bring me back from the edge…

-Reading a book in the bath with a candle burning.

-Eating a chocolate Easter bunny’s bum.

-Me time.

-Fresh air, sunshine and giggling children.

-Hot cross buns full of peel.

-Fresh sheets on the bed.

-Kind and thoughtful messages from friends.

-Getting back my perspective on life after a long day and realising that sometimes I let things get me down instead of laughing them off.

Fact: It’s going to be okay. I’m going to be okay. We’re all going to be okay. xx

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