Me and my sk8r boys…

It’s the school holidays here and being a teacher that means that I get to spend all of my annual leave in the very close proximity of my own children.

Last week my 7 year old was invited to a roller skating party. He had a blast so we went back there today.

Today was different. There were kids everywhere. And my 5 year tried to skate.

The poor kid has the least coordination of anyone I know.

He gets it from me.

(Last time I went skating 20 years ago I grabbed a girls arm as I fell and broke her arm… My bad.)

He simply could not get his balance.

But he did not give up. No. He spent 25 minutes crawling around the rink to complete one lap and then declared that he’d had enough.

The 7 year old though skated on. Although he hasn’t quite got the hang of gliding and seems to be skate walking.

He watched the speed skaters and returned to the rink running with his arms behind his back like they did.

There was an older Asian gentleman in white slacks and a check shirt wearing knee pads and a while helmet. He skated so gracefully doing twirls and skating on one leg.

There was the guy in his 30’s I reckon wearing black jeans, a black metal T-shirt with a long pony tail flowing down his back who skated so fast in his tight pants that I started to feel aroused by his bogan-ness.

There were couples skating holding hands.

There were kids falling over everywhere while singing lyrics to songs that probably aren’t appropriate.

These were not my people. They amused me. I felt welcome by their willingness to have not changed their fast food prices since the 80’s.

It’s always fun doing something new… says the girl who freaks and over analyses the faintest idea of something new.

I’m being adaptable and flexible.

While still acknowledging that I am not flexible enough to skate myself.


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