Slice of heaven…

After my last post I checked my stats and realised that I had some views from New Zealand.

Which I thought was kind of cool until I realised that the views were me. Because I’m in New Zealand.

Apparently if you want your blog to get more views overseas you can just go overseas and check your blog yourself.

I like New Zealand. We’ve been here for 5 nights.

We’ve had pancakes at the same cafe for 4 days in a row because we like to pretend to be regulars and the pancakes were really good.

After approximately 3 minutes of arriving somewhere I assimilate completely taking on the accent and sounding like a tourist with a speech problem.

I bought some seriously expensive shoes that have become part of the family.

I took the kids to visit my mums oldest friend who drove us around Wellington on a crazy adventure.

I have eaten the most amazing burger and chilli chips.

I drank some amazing chocolate milk that is so delicious that when they first started selling it shops were paying security guards to sit in the dairy section to stop people stealing it.

I bought 3 tea towels for $25 because if you can’t afford the new kitchen you want then it’s better than nothing.

I rode the cable car up the mountain and a trolley bus back to Cuba St.

I shared a bed with my 7 year old until he fell asleep because it’s a fact that my two boys will not fall asleep while sharing a bed.

I read the front page of the paper on Wednesday where the lead story was that a flight had forgotten to unload the passengers baggage and they had to wait a whole day before getting it back.

I’ve just eaten my body weight in salted caramel profiteroles at the airport lounge so it must be time to spend my few remaining Kiwi dollars on some duty free.

Holidays are good.

Adventures are fun.

But my own bed is calling me. x

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