Eat more, don’t hate…

I had a lunch date today with the kinder mum who is my new friend.

She warned me not to eat much before hand which was excellent advice as she cooked me a huge chicken breast with mushroom sauce, steamed carrot, potatoes and broccoli and a Greek salad just to tip me over the edge.

I don’t eat big meals and I don’t like tomatoes but I had a big meal and I ate all the cherry tomatoes that kept being put on my plate.

This amazing beautiful woman was so happy to cook for me and have me in her home.

It’s a real honour to be the honoured guest.

Then she made me a Turkish coffee and gave me another drink of water after I accidentally ate all the grit at the end in a pitiful attempt at being polite.

She then made me a juice in the super juicer she bought from the home shopping channel and told me how it had changed her life.

This shy quiet lady lit up as she told me of all the yummy juices she can make now and how easy it is to clean.

And then her husband came home and offered to make over my kitchen.

(I might be a good teacher but I’m not sure that even I deserve a free kitchen.)

But the part that is sticking with me still is when this gorgeous, kind and generous woman told me how she has been visiting someone in hospital the night before and as her family was going up in the lift another family went to get in then saw her hijab and changed their minds.

She told me she turned to her husband and asked him if he noticed.

She told me she was so embarrassed.

I don’t even know what words to put here that explain how stupid it is to judge someone on their appearance.

To decide that you don’t want to ride in the lift with a family of 3 beautiful young girls just because the mother has her hair covered.

When did we stop seeing the people and believing the media?

What are people so damn scared of?

I told my friend that it was their problem, not hers and that she lives in a country that values freedom and choice as long as it’s the same choice as everyone else’s.

I am offended by ignorance and hate in the same way the ignorant and hateful are offended by people who choose to eat Halal foods.

(P.S Just a reminder that the more Muslims there are in the cafe you’re in the more bacon there is for you.)

It’s that easy.

Don’t be offended.

Don’t offend. x


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