News from my head…

I’ve written several half blog posts recently.

But my head is so scattered that I can’t find the right words to finish them.

Instead I’m giving you the options in a kind of “Choose your own adventure” sort of way.

Except that in real life I can’t finish them so you get the headlines of my life rather than the stories.

Right then.

We could start with the 6 lame chicks born at work and how the kids asked me why the other chicks kept jumping on the “sleeping” chicks head.

You could be bored to tears with tales of how I keep crying while watching tv shows about babies being born and how it’s extremely unrelated to my husband having “the snip” in a couple of months.

I could regale you with my feelings of being tired of small children at work and at home using far too many syllables when either calling my name or saying “Muuuuuuuuuummmmm”. The whinging of the little ones is grating on my nerves at the moment.

You may hear more later in the week about how I am attending a 3 day conference in the city and will be staying away from home at my mums for a few nights. I am anxious right now about what to wear and how to fit in with professionals who do their paper work more effectively than me.

(In case you were wondering I was thinking of my special black pants that do up at the side with black boots and my tight red knit top.)

I could talk about the virtues of chocolate and coffee and how together they make me feel warm and wicked on cold days.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Winter on this side of the earth and it brings challenges at work with restless children cooped up inside with sniffles and coughs.

There will be phlegm. Oh yes, there will be phlegm!

My head is full of half stories and one sided conversations that I have with myself that make no sense.

I am calm and sleepy now.

My husband was away for 6 nights last week and this week I’ll be away for 3.

I’m going to enjoy spending time with adults no matter how smart they are.

So those are my headlines complete with a weather report.

I can’t seem to finish my thoughts on one topic but I can ramble on for hours about bits and pieces so thanks again for listening.

Tune in again next time at the same time on the same station for more of the same. x


Saturday afternoon…

Watching a movie in bed on a Saturday afternoon.

Bliss. Pure bliss.

I bailed on a birthday party I kind of now wish that I had attended but here I am instead at home, alone watching a movie with a cup of coffee.

It’s good to be me.

I’ve felt a little invisible this week.

I want to go out and do things but I’ve just been so tired.

I hate being tired. Is it really tiredness or is it something more that my brain in conjuring up to mess with me again.

But no.

Here I am in bed watching a movie with a cup of coffee so it must be a good day.

Sun shining through the open window.

Washing drying on the line.

You can’t ask for more than that.

Well you could, obviously you could but you don’t need more than that.

Life’s good hey? x

Blame game pain…

“I’m not blaming you mum I’m just telling you that it’s all your fault.”

Ahhhh… The joys of raising a 7 year old boy after a long week of school for him and solo parenting and work for me.

There’s a lot of blaming happening here at the moment.

It was my fault you see that he lost a lunch time game of soccer after telling him the day before that it was okay to lose sometimes.

It was my fault that he forgot to take his reader to school.

My fault that he left his drink bottle at school too.

He can be a tad sensitive sometimes Mr 7.

No idea at all where he gets that from. Ha.

He is a joy and he fills my heart and does my head in all in equal measures.

I sent him to bed early on a Friday night with a look of disgust on his face.

But now for the perks.

I get to go and kiss his sweet little head and tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of him for everything he does… even when he loses. x

Things going right…

2 really good days in a row.

What are the chances of that?

Eating my porridge at work with the morning sun and the heater warming my back.

2 days of laughing at work with the added bonus of genuine praise, encouragement and support.

The boy in my class with a speech problem saying new sounds.

A different boy that bites me finally sitting, listening and being kind to others.

Ideas for the class that worked and kept the kids busy and happy all day.

Kids that listen the 5th time rather than never.

Friends that care sending random messages that make me smile.

Strong coffees, chewy biscuits and cheesy DVDs.

Stopping at the milk bar on the way home for mixed lollies.

Long hot baths.

Snuggles with my boys in their pjs.

Smiling on the inside, singing Frozen songs real loud on the outside.

A sense of calmness in the middle of a literal storm.

Joy and peace that wasn’t there a few weeks ago. x

No two days the same…

It’s been a mixed bag at work for me so far this week.

I have been bitten, told that I have a nice face and had an in depth conversation with a girl about her dad and how he had an operation on his bum.

I had a meeting where I was told that I’m a good preschool teacher and another meeting about a boy who struggles to speak but gives the best running and jumping cuddles ever.

My colleague is on the 5:2 diet and yesterday was one of her fasting days which is just a barrel of laughs for everyone.

I yelled at a child to stop before she walked in the concrete that was laid yesterday but she didn’t stop which scares me when I think what she’d be like in an emergency.

I made damper which was edible but would have been awesome with jam and cream.

I sang the stretchy Lycra song 3 times and played the hide the shoe game.

I hid in the office behind a cupboard door and gently scoffed mint cream biscuits.

I told a dad that I would go to court with him if he needed me to.

And all this happened while a new girl who only arrived from India last week started at the centre. She was sent to live with her grandmother before she was one and has just returned to the country and her parents.

So in the scheme of things she is going through a lot more than me but we both seem to be coping quite well.