No two days the same…

It’s been a mixed bag at work for me so far this week.

I have been bitten, told that I have a nice face and had an in depth conversation with a girl about her dad and how he had an operation on his bum.

I had a meeting where I was told that I’m a good preschool teacher and another meeting about a boy who struggles to speak but gives the best running and jumping cuddles ever.

My colleague is on the 5:2 diet and yesterday was one of her fasting days which is just a barrel of laughs for everyone.

I yelled at a child to stop before she walked in the concrete that was laid yesterday but she didn’t stop which scares me when I think what she’d be like in an emergency.

I made damper which was edible but would have been awesome with jam and cream.

I sang the stretchy Lycra song 3 times and played the hide the shoe game.

I hid in the office behind a cupboard door and gently scoffed mint cream biscuits.

I told a dad that I would go to court with him if he needed me to.

And all this happened while a new girl who only arrived from India last week started at the centre. She was sent to live with her grandmother before she was one and has just returned to the country and her parents.

So in the scheme of things she is going through a lot more than me but we both seem to be coping quite well.


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