Things going right…

2 really good days in a row.

What are the chances of that?

Eating my porridge at work with the morning sun and the heater warming my back.

2 days of laughing at work with the added bonus of genuine praise, encouragement and support.

The boy in my class with a speech problem saying new sounds.

A different boy that bites me finally sitting, listening and being kind to others.

Ideas for the class that worked and kept the kids busy and happy all day.

Kids that listen the 5th time rather than never.

Friends that care sending random messages that make me smile.

Strong coffees, chewy biscuits and cheesy DVDs.

Stopping at the milk bar on the way home for mixed lollies.

Long hot baths.

Snuggles with my boys in their pjs.

Smiling on the inside, singing Frozen songs real loud on the outside.

A sense of calmness in the middle of a literal storm.

Joy and peace that wasn’t there a few weeks ago. x


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