Always learning…

Hey there! Guess what?

Remember that conference thing I was really anxious about in the last post? Yeah well I totally rocked it.

Well as much as anyone can “rock” a 3 day course on how to observe and document children’s learning.

I was on the cool table.

Or was it cool because I was on the table? Who knows? (I mean I’m obviously being modest here right?)

I learnt a lot.

I had a chilli hot chocolate after lunch each day.

My “power outfit” on the first day of my black pants with the zip on the side and my tight red top really wowed them. Or alternatively it wasn’t too dressed up but considering the presenter wore croc thongs each day maybe the bar wasn’t set too high.

I loved being in the city with all the gorgeous well groomed women wearing their running shoes in the morning.

I welcomed the opportunity to drink really good coffee each day and even bonded with the baristas.

(Bonded/stalked it’s such a fine line.)

I walked past shops and offices and people working in a very different world to the one I’m accustomed to.

I may or may not have accosted 3 lovely tourists from Romania who were looking at a map. I shared my insider knowledge with them. Whether they wanted it or not. Actually come to think of it they did kind of run off in the opposite direction than I told them to go.

I amassed a collection of 20+ pens from the venue because if you can’t steal office supplies from a conference then why the *rude word* are you there anyway?

I think I’m too friendly for the city. I smile at strangers and sing along to the music in my headphones.

I missed my kids. That was nice. They missed me too. I can tell because they keep being nice to me and accidentally calling me dad.

At the end of the course the presenter gave us hugs and told us all to stay in touch.

I took a leadership style test and it turns out I’m a nurturer which would explain why I went and bought pastries for the guy who slept in this morning and missed breakfast.

But the best thing is that for the last 3 days I’ve spent so much time talking about kids but no time with kids.

And now I’m back to reality. A 3 day long weekend with the family before my husband goes away again.

My mini break has drained my brain and now I’m ready for hugs and demands for food… and that’s just from my husband. x


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