Come fly with me…

G’day from however many thousand feet up my plane is flying right now.

I’ve been watching the sunset with bright orange, yellow, pink and blue hues for the past hour now so I must be heading west.

I have a friend that I sometimes message when the sky is nice. There would be no hurry tonight. This sky is staying for a while longer.

The clouds below me look like shaving foam or something that you could touch and leave a mark on you.

I touch a cloud once as I was about to jump out of a plane that didn’t have a door. That was kinda cool. But the clouds are just like thick fog. Nothing you can keep.

I’m flying business class and there’s a spare seat next to me so basically this is about as good as it gets.

After 30 minutes I worked out the headphone system with the iPad.

I drank a sparkly drink before take off that may not have been as innocent as I first thought.

I’m rugged up with the blanket they provide and it’s so damn soft and I’m so relaxed and not feeling guilty at all about being away from my family again…much!

My mum will pick me up from the airport because she lives in the West now. She’s going to take me back to her new husbands house where I will blame the time delay (only 2 hours) and go to bed.

It won’t be the same mother/daughter time that I’m used to with her but life changes and she’s happy and I’m strong enough to go with the flow.

I’m also going to catch up with my beautiful friend from Mothers Group that I haven’t seen for over a year or more. Can’t wait to hear her lilting accent and spend time with her beautiful soul.

I am on a holiday.

Hope you have a good weekend too. xx

P.S Due to aviation rules and regulations this post was not actually posted in mid air but on the tarmac with my seat belt tightly fastened.




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