Train of thought…

“Everyone on this train is different, with a different life, a different story. Just like you.

But you’re all here together, sharing the ride.

That means you need to think about each other for a moment.

Nothing deep and meaningful, just a quick thought about whether or not you’re sharing your music with someone who really doesn’t want to hear it.

Or if someone needs a seat more than you.

Or maybe you’ve drifted off and put your feet on the seat without thinking about the person who might be too scared to ask you to move them.

That little thought can make a big difference to everyone here, including you.”

The above message was displayed in a rather sexy font on a train I caught yesterday on the way to the footy in Perth.

(We will not be mentioning the footy or my teams appalling performance again.)

It made me think. Firstly what a nice way to remind people of how to behave on public transport.

Secondly is how this applies to life.

We’re all here together. Let’s make a small effort to think of others not just ourselves.

We used to be more considerate I think.

We used to think of others before ourselves.

But maybe not so much now.

It’s all about being served first.

Having the best/most.

Letting everyone know when you weren’t served first and why it’s not fair.

Anyone with a 5 year old will be able to tell you that life’s not fair. It’s not meant to be. It never will be.

And that’s why we need to think of others.



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