Got my foot off the accelerator…

I have written before about how I sometimes give myself theme music or that sometimes a song attaches itself to me.

(That sentence on its own is a little bit scary and makes me sounds a little mad but eh what can you do.)

In this case it was the latter and the song is “Cruisin” sung by Gwenyth Paltrow and the other guy who made up the duet.

After a long conversation with a friend yesterday I realised that’s where I’m at.

It’s winter here and there’s ice on the car in the mornings and the sun is making its way to bed a couple of hours before I do.

Bears hibernate. I’m cruisin.

Sleep. Kids. Work with kids. Kids. Sleep.


I’m on cruise control or auto pilot and it’s okay.

Life is what it is. Circumstances be what they are.

I’m not angry although my face may wrinkle up and my brow may be furrowed at times.

I’m thinking of new ways to fill each day. To keep it interesting. To keep me sane and happy.

So next week I think Monday will be cooking day at work. Maybe pizzas.

Tuesday’s dinner will be taco Tuesday just because it’s easy.

Wednesday if the weather is fine we might pick up another kid from school and take him to the proper footy park for a kick at the goals.

Thursday I’m going to leave work at 2 and get a coffee before picking up the kids. Maybe at that place where you get a free chocolate?

And then Friday will be a me day.

I’m not a huge fan of spontaneity as you can probably tell from my list above but sometimes I just need to have some of the day to day things sorted so that I can enjoy the ride and the go with the flow stuff that gets thrown at you.

New days.

Deep breaths.

Good friends.

A life filled with blessings and a top draw filled with chocolate.

Yeah baby. I’m cruisin. x

Friends who care…

The universe has totally had my back this week.

It has been one of those weeks where I’ve been woken up early, around 5, each morning this week by my 2 lovely boys.

Lucky me.

Sleep what is it good for? Well not absolutely nothing.

But this week has bordered on crappy.

Get up early. Drop kids off at school at 7. Go to work with all the challenges that come from kids and working with women and then pick up the kids after school. Dinner, bath and then bed for everyone.

Not a lot of time for mindfulness. *What wankery* New word. Go with me here.

But then this week I’ve been drowned in gifts of kindness and love.

I’ve received 3 lots of baklava, 4 lots of chocolate, salad and cannelloni and an adult coloring book.

That is to say a colouring book for adults not colouring in porn. Although that would be okay too I guess.

And a bunch of roses sent to work from my husband overseas.

So much kindness and thoughtfulness on top of messages and conversations online.

People are good and awesome.

Be kind to others and it comes back a zillion fold when you need it most.

So thanks universe, I’ll be paying it forward. xx


I seem to have gotten lonely again.

I’m desperately waving my little flag and asking for help, for friends.

I seem to have lost my friends.

Did we suddenly all get too busy with kids and life to spend time with each other?

Or do we live too far from those who would drop everything if they were closer?

My husband went away this morning and will be away 5 nights this week, 6 nights next week and similar again for the 3 weeks after that.

I know my head and I know that I need some form of adult conversation to keep me sane between working with small children and looking after 2 young boys at home.

I know that I need to ask for help.

But I don’t know who to ask.

I don’t have any family support nearby and everyone else is busy with their own lives and their own children and their own problems.

We live in a wonderful world where I can message my mum the footy scores as she floats down a river in Germany and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Where I can log onto social media and follow the lives of people I haven’t spoken to in years.

But all I want is for someone to call me, talk to me, ask me for coffee and remind me that I’m part of the adult world.

So if you get the chance over the next few weeks… please do that.


A friendly reminder…

Do you remember a time when trolls existed only in fairy tales and lived under bridges where billy goats trip trapped?

Or when trolls were small, plastic collectable figurines with large brightly colored hair?

But now they are the faceless people who attack anyone who dares to have an opinion that’s different to theirs.

And you know the old saying “every time a troll stings a fairy loses its wings”?

Nope? Well whatevs.

Time to counteract some of the nastiness with kindness.

150 years ago if I wanted to message a friend I would have to get out my quill and write a letter and send it with my footman in a horse and carriage.

I would invite my friend to join me at my home for tea. If they were really lucky I would play the piano for them and sing a sonnet while wearing a ridiculously tight and low cut gown.

(And you wondered where the sexualization of women in film clips these days came from.)

Now it’s so much easier to send a message and let someone know that you care.

A simple text.

Tagging someone in a picture they might like.

An inexpensive give purchased online.

An invite for coffee.

A freshly picked flower given for no reason.

A longer hug than normal.

A smile to a stranger.

A dollar to the homeless.

And speaking of homeless people I never know quite what to do. If I have change I like to look a person in the eye and wish them a good day.

But there are trolls and cynics who will say that homeless people only spend their money on drugs and booze and that you’re encouraging them.

What a load of rubbish. I pay thousands of dollars in tax each year and my government likes to spend some of this money on keeping children locked in jails just because their parents thought catching a boat to our country was the best option for their family.

So if a homeless person chooses to spend the money I give them feeding an addiction that owns them then that’s their choice.

This post has become somewhat awkward and ranty so please let me just plead for kindness.

Random acts of it often and deliberate buckets of it when required.

Kindness does not cost a thing and lasts a long time.

In the 80’s and 90’s we were told to Be Kind and Rewind but may I suggest we adapt a new motto of Be Kind and Remind.

Remind someone that they matter and that you care.

And now let me end this disjointed rambling with my new favorite quote “Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back”.