A friendly reminder…

Do you remember a time when trolls existed only in fairy tales and lived under bridges where billy goats trip trapped?

Or when trolls were small, plastic collectable figurines with large brightly colored hair?

But now they are the faceless people who attack anyone who dares to have an opinion that’s different to theirs.

And you know the old saying “every time a troll stings a fairy loses its wings”?

Nope? Well whatevs.

Time to counteract some of the nastiness with kindness.

150 years ago if I wanted to message a friend I would have to get out my quill and write a letter and send it with my footman in a horse and carriage.

I would invite my friend to join me at my home for tea. If they were really lucky I would play the piano for them and sing a sonnet while wearing a ridiculously tight and low cut gown.

(And you wondered where the sexualization of women in film clips these days came from.)

Now it’s so much easier to send a message and let someone know that you care.

A simple text.

Tagging someone in a picture they might like.

An inexpensive give purchased online.

An invite for coffee.

A freshly picked flower given for no reason.

A longer hug than normal.

A smile to a stranger.

A dollar to the homeless.

And speaking of homeless people I never know quite what to do. If I have change I like to look a person in the eye and wish them a good day.

But there are trolls and cynics who will say that homeless people only spend their money on drugs and booze and that you’re encouraging them.

What a load of rubbish. I pay thousands of dollars in tax each year and my government likes to spend some of this money on keeping children locked in jails just because their parents thought catching a boat to our country was the best option for their family.

So if a homeless person chooses to spend the money I give them feeding an addiction that owns them then that’s their choice.

This post has become somewhat awkward and ranty so please let me just plead for kindness.

Random acts of it often and deliberate buckets of it when required.

Kindness does not cost a thing and lasts a long time.

In the 80’s and 90’s we were told to Be Kind and Rewind but may I suggest we adapt a new motto of Be Kind and Remind.

Remind someone that they matter and that you care.

And now let me end this disjointed rambling with my new favorite quote “Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back”.



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