I seem to have gotten lonely again.

I’m desperately waving my little flag and asking for help, for friends.

I seem to have lost my friends.

Did we suddenly all get too busy with kids and life to spend time with each other?

Or do we live too far from those who would drop everything if they were closer?

My husband went away this morning and will be away 5 nights this week, 6 nights next week and similar again for the 3 weeks after that.

I know my head and I know that I need some form of adult conversation to keep me sane between working with small children and looking after 2 young boys at home.

I know that I need to ask for help.

But I don’t know who to ask.

I don’t have any family support nearby and everyone else is busy with their own lives and their own children and their own problems.

We live in a wonderful world where I can message my mum the footy scores as she floats down a river in Germany and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Where I can log onto social media and follow the lives of people I haven’t spoken to in years.

But all I want is for someone to call me, talk to me, ask me for coffee and remind me that I’m part of the adult world.

So if you get the chance over the next few weeks… please do that.



2 thoughts on “Alonely…

    • I’m seriously fortunate to have several people who care about how I’m feeling but I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve and keep myself talking. Thank you so much for your lovely words though. It’s hard working with kids and being home alone with kids 🙂 Need someone to dump the problems of the day on. Have a great week. xx

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