Friends who care…

The universe has totally had my back this week.

It has been one of those weeks where I’ve been woken up early, around 5, each morning this week by my 2 lovely boys.

Lucky me.

Sleep what is it good for? Well not absolutely nothing.

But this week has bordered on crappy.

Get up early. Drop kids off at school at 7. Go to work with all the challenges that come from kids and working with women and then pick up the kids after school. Dinner, bath and then bed for everyone.

Not a lot of time for mindfulness. *What wankery* New word. Go with me here.

But then this week I’ve been drowned in gifts of kindness and love.

I’ve received 3 lots of baklava, 4 lots of chocolate, salad and cannelloni and an adult coloring book.

That is to say a colouring book for adults not colouring in porn. Although that would be okay too I guess.

And a bunch of roses sent to work from my husband overseas.

So much kindness and thoughtfulness on top of messages and conversations online.

People are good and awesome.

Be kind to others and it comes back a zillion fold when you need it most.

So thanks universe, I’ll be paying it forward. xx

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