Got my foot off the accelerator…

I have written before about how I sometimes give myself theme music or that sometimes a song attaches itself to me.

(That sentence on its own is a little bit scary and makes me sounds a little mad but eh what can you do.)

In this case it was the latter and the song is “Cruisin” sung by Gwenyth Paltrow and the other guy who made up the duet.

After a long conversation with a friend yesterday I realised that’s where I’m at.

It’s winter here and there’s ice on the car in the mornings and the sun is making its way to bed a couple of hours before I do.

Bears hibernate. I’m cruisin.

Sleep. Kids. Work with kids. Kids. Sleep.


I’m on cruise control or auto pilot and it’s okay.

Life is what it is. Circumstances be what they are.

I’m not angry although my face may wrinkle up and my brow may be furrowed at times.

I’m thinking of new ways to fill each day. To keep it interesting. To keep me sane and happy.

So next week I think Monday will be cooking day at work. Maybe pizzas.

Tuesday’s dinner will be taco Tuesday just because it’s easy.

Wednesday if the weather is fine we might pick up another kid from school and take him to the proper footy park for a kick at the goals.

Thursday I’m going to leave work at 2 and get a coffee before picking up the kids. Maybe at that place where you get a free chocolate?

And then Friday will be a me day.

I’m not a huge fan of spontaneity as you can probably tell from my list above but sometimes I just need to have some of the day to day things sorted so that I can enjoy the ride and the go with the flow stuff that gets thrown at you.

New days.

Deep breaths.

Good friends.

A life filled with blessings and a top draw filled with chocolate.

Yeah baby. I’m cruisin. x


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