Hey good looking!

Look I don’t want to alarm anyone but I seem to be at peak attractiveness at the moment.

I’ve been flirted with a lot. And for once I’m not starting it.

Last week it was the guy with the snake at work who said something suggestive as he placed the 3m long creature around my neck.

Wait. What? Did that make sense? The man who was in charge of the reptile incursion at my preschool flirted with me.

And the guy who delivered the packages. The big packages. Of paper and paste and sticky tape. He complimented me on my ability to sign the electronic pad in a very flirty way.

Today when the postman delivered my book I order I gave him my name and he said to me “oh I know who you are.” Again in a flirty way or maybe he just remembered me from last time.

On my way home I picked up a pizza and the man asked if my husband was away again and I said yes and he said that if he was my husband he wouldn’t travel so much.

I refrained from pointing out that he owns a pizza shop. A profession not known for lots of interstate and overseas business trips.

He then told me that he made my pizza extra special and he opened the box and showed me. And sure enough there was lots of cheese.

It’s hard being an attractive woman in your mid 30’s. People are naturally drawn to me, it’s tiring.

So maybe it’s time I turned down the pheromones or maybe wore little less dark eyeliner and Jessica Simpson perfume.

Maybe I shouldn’t wear that $8 dress I got from the local supermarket out in public.

Or maybe it’s all in my head and I’ve forgotten how to act around other humans.

Either way a little flattery and flirting can be good for the soul.

If only I know how to wolf whistle. xx


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