Away from home…

Here I am in Sydney.

For the weekend. Staying with my bestie and her family.

I used to come up here a lot to visit her. Now we’re both a bit busy.

Her busy is her business but my busy I’ll happily share.

My husband arrived home from a few days away for work last night (Thursday) and goes away again at 4:30 am Monday morning. He would normally leave on a Sunday night but I get home Sunday night so it will be nice to spend a couple of hours together before he gets up at 4AM eeeek!

I left him home with 2 sick kids.

Which is how he’d left me at the start of the week so we’re even.

Although when the younger one swallowed a hard caramel lolly on the way to the airport and my husband asked if he was blue like last time I did feel a small rush of guilt.

But he wasn’t blue and wasn’t choking but has gone off dairy which is quite unlike him.

Anyway back to me and my Sydney get away.

I’ve been to Sydney a few times for boys. Actually 2 boys that I’ve been quite serious about live up this way. I loved them both so there must be something in the water up here. Both long gone from my life now but still the memories are reverberating around today.

And what about the guy that I met on the phone from the credit card company that I flew up to meet and then spent half an hour with playing video games on a screen at a duty free shop before asking my bestie to come and pick me up.

That was a little disappointing but the weekend was still filled with coffee and laughter.

I could now reminisce about selling pewter at the Sydney Olympics but I worked long hours and slept on the floor at a friends house and wore beige pants that were too tight so it was great and I think Cathy Freeman probably has better memories of it than me.

I like catching the ferries. I like cafes by the beach. I like lounging in my pjs at my friends house eating ice cream and watching telle and being myself around others.

I like Sydney but I like it most because my friend lives here and she loves me and that awesome.

Also the Thai restaurant near her house is great and sells pink lemonade.

So travel blogger I’m not but I’m relaxed, haven’t been coughed on for hours now and I’m full of coffee.

So the winner is Syd-en-ey… and me.


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