Peace and quiet…

I’m not sad, I’m tired.

I’m not alone.

I’m cared for and loved by many people with beautiful hearts and souls.

I have peace inside me.

I need sleep to stop my brain from thinking. Just for a bit. Just for a few days and then I need love.

And movies. And nights at mums. And walks around the gallery. And markets. And fudge and ice cream with the boys.

I need the energy to play without it being forced.

I need to stop caring about problems that aren’t my own and provide support where I can instead of as a priority over my sanity and rest.

I need to forgive the disappointments and not let them come out to play at night time. Reminding me that I’m not worthy of more. When often it’s a misunderstanding all in my head.

I’ve had so many people offer to visit. Maybe they want to escape their lives too.

But I don’t want to listen to more people’s problems and see them in pain and feeling so helpless when I don’t feel like that.

I’m tired. I need to get my appetite back and I need to enjoy my husbands support while he’s home rather than being away.

Well that’s just my opinion… about me.

P.S This post is coming to you live from hospital during Workshops and Journaling time.

*Now back to my book and the sun shining through they grey clouds. (Accurate description of weather, not a metaphor.)


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