Better out than in…

So I’m out of the mental health unit now.

I’m back in the real world where I belong.

But without being facetious there are a lot of people out here who probably should be in the hospital.

I stayed in a 21 bed unit with a waiting list. There are people with real issues who are waiting for help.

There are people who are so good at hiding their problems, issues and illnesses that they will never even ask for help.

Everything is magnified in there.

People bend over backwards to be kind. I think it’s that do unto others as you would like done unto you.

But that is offset at meal times where everyone wishes they had ordered what someone has. Or they didn’t get their ice cream. Or their meal is too big/small/hot/cold/healthy/unhealthy etc.

But it’s safe in there too. You can say what you want and act how you want and it’s all covered by the face that you are a patient in a mental health ward.

So if you find yourself leading a dining room of people singing along to “Stand by me” or modeling hats so unique that the market may never be ready for them or partaking in a Karate Kid themed yoga class just go with it.

Once you remove the fear of being labeled as crazy and accept and embrace that you are among your people there’s quite a lot of laughter to be had.

I can understand why some are desperate to stay in and be nurtured and cared for and accepted.

It can be hard in the real world.

So here are my tips for the day…
– Don’t judge others or yourself.
– Don’t be afraid to smile at strangers.
– Own your crazy and share some of it with a like minded friend/stranger.
– Overshare sometimes.
– Spend a few minutes each day emptying your mind. Kind of like putting things in the bin on your computer. Then permanently delete that crap.
– Stay in touch with your friends even if you think they’re too busy for you.
– Be aware of your breathing (make sure you still are).
– And be grateful that a nurse didn’t open the door while you were getting dressed.


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