ALL of them…

I’m a little bit over the word “all”.

Especially in the context that “all” insert race/hair colour/skin colour/nationality/gender are insert your own adjective here.

Not until you have met every blonde can you say that they’re dumb.

And once you’ve met them all and decided that they are dumb go back and start again because in the time that it took you to judge them all one of them just went to space or found a cure for a disease or became a Grand Master at Chess.

Not all people of a certain race are lazy, cheats, dishonest or rude.

And only an ignorant person would think so.

It’s something that ALL ignorant people have in common.

I work with adults and children from all over the world.

And they all have shown me aspects of kindness, respect, love and loyalty.

And the people that judge them based on their race, religion or head scarves are missing out by narrowing their minds and hearts to some beautiful people.

I wish I was one of those more outspoken people that when racist comments are made I could just call them on it.

But instead I like to point out personal examples of people that I’ve met that disprove their silly stereotypes.

I worry sometimes about how we’re all human beings but we don’t value each other as such.

A boat person. A migrant. A dole bludger. A single mum. A person with a mental illness.

A label that we use to describe a group of people who ALL having something in common but who are ALL different.

I’m coming across a little self righteous and preachy here I know but it’s just a reminder to myself to drop the ALL.

Take each person as they come. They won’t ALL be awesome like me but some of them might surprise you.

Be the ALL you want to see.

No. Wait. That didn’t make sense.

Just be open. And kind. Please. xx

P.S Not ALL Collingwood supporters are idiots.


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