We’re just taking it one week at a time…

Oh hell week… How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

This is my big crazy work week for the year.

My head is full of gremlins screaming my name and reminding me of all the things that need to be done and all the bad moods, silent treatments and anguish that my colleagues will share with me.

I have a Professional Development session tomorrow after work, I have farm animals and a committee meeting Wednesday and it all culminates with going to work (unpaid) on Saturday where I give my annual report and be as bubbly as a freshly opened bottle of lemonade to 60 strangers.

(This is all on top of the actual teaching and caring for a large group of 4 year olds that my job description dictates.)

This is the week that saw me end up in the nut house a few years ago.

I don’t yet know half the things that can and will go wrong.

There will be surprises and Transition Statements to chase up and an Emergency Management Plan that I need to finalise and send off too.

Sooooooo… Come at me with distractions please.

Come at me with chocolate and coffee.

Come at me with kindness please and patience and good thoughts.

Another thing that I know is that my hell week will not be like the coming week for those around the world affected by terrorists and their weapons.

My week will drain my brain but leave me and my family safe.

This week I’m asking for your support but I’m also going to give it.

I’ll be giving it to the children at my work and their families who because of the actions of a few awful individuals in Paris will find themselves falling under a general umbrella of hate.

My beautiful friend who gets stared at wearing her hijab wasn’t in Paris on Friday 13th November but she will hear the murmurs and be glared at because of the actions of a few who claim to share her religion.

The mother of one of the girls in my class is coming in to measure me for a gold dress she wants to make me. Why? I don’t know but I know that it’s a form of kindness and I’ll along with it. Every conversation we have finishes with Inshallah or Allah willing.

So Inshallah, God willing, fingers crossed and with a lot of luck that we all get through this week together.



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